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Nextterm Education and  Visa Services is a registered organization  in Sydney, Australia, established with a core objective to  provide personalized services including valuable information to students and their parents (if applicable ) throughout all stages of their study in Australia. Our main motto is to treat every single student professionally, confidently, and provide them best possible options in terms of their educational and financial background and their career goal, so that the student can choose the best among the options provided during counselling.

The company has adopted the best practice and provides high standard of service quality to assist students not only to get admission in their selective university or college but also to provide holistic services that a student needs from the beginning of the process until they achieve their educational goal. The services may include logistic and psychological support to settle in Australia comfortably such as assisting with airport pick up and accommodation as per their requirement.

Next term is managed and operated by well experienced professionals and reputed individuals having high level of experience in the related field for several years. Our small but qualified team ensures our clients receive professional and personalized services that we promise to deliver.

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Chitwan Branch:
KL Mall 3rd Floor,
Narayangadh Lions Chowk,
Bharatpur 4, Chitwan
Tel: 977-56-572566
Pokhara Branch:
Pokhara-11, Rani Pauwa
Ph.No: ‎‎061-530098
Email: nexttermpkr@gmail.com
Contact Person: Keshav Pahari
Nextterm Education & Visa Services
Level 1, Suite 1,
The Sevenways Ave,
Rockdale NSW 2216
Tel: 02 95675270
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